Hi, I'm Andrew DeFord, a Certified Piano Technician

Servicing Des Moines and the Central Iowa Area

515 661 0902


Andrew is a Certified Piano Technician (CPT). He received his piano tuning and repair diploma from the Piano Technician Academy. He stays up-to-date on all things piano by being an active member of the Piano Technicians Guild.

The song Chariots of Fire inspired Andrew to begin piano lessons. At the age of 10 he accomplished his goal of playing it in recital. Andrew enjoys spending his spare time practicing to play for his local church Alathea Baptist.

Andrew's interest in becoming a CPT began at sixteen when he discovered he enjoys working on pianos as much as playing them. He is passionate about his profession as a CPT and committed to offering great tuning and repair services.


Main Services

  • + Tuning
  • + Preliminary Cleaning
  • + Condition Assessment
  • + Regulating the Piano

Minor Repairs

  • + Hammer Butt
  • + Hammer Repair
  • + Re-Bushing a Flange
  • + Damper Lever and Lever Spring
  • + Rusty/ Dirty Tuning Pins
  • + Voicing the Hammers

Major Repairs

  • + Loose Tuning Pins
  • + String Replacement
  • + Replacing the Ivories or Ivorines
  • + Repairing a Cracked Soundboard
Counties of service: Polk, Story, Marshall, Poweshiek, Jasper, Marion, Warren, Lucas, Clarke, Madison, Dallas, and Boone.
Cities of service: Ames, Marshalltown, Grinnell, Pella, Knoxville, Chariton, Osceola, Winterset, Perry, and Boone.